Best way to make money from adult content

Best way to make money from adult content

Adult content can make you earn huge profits. The adult entertainment industry is one of the highly profitable industries that never goes out of trend. Nobody can imagine a life without porn or adult entertainment. Porn is everywhere. You may consider mobiles, desktops, laptops, DVDs, pen drives, or whatever storage a person has; he always gathers porn to keep himself refreshed and excited. And this is the primary reason adult content creators or business people selling escort services rule over the market with higher income.

The online market is one significant way that makes adult content creators earn billions. There are numerous ways in which they are making their living luxurious. It often attracts many newcomers to join the adult industry and make handsome money. Are you curious about some best ways to make money through adult content? If yes, this post consists of all you need to learn about the various methods to make money using adult content.

What is an adult website?


It includes the fundamentals of making money through your porn website or adult business. Let’s get started now!

Before you come across various ways of making money through adult content,  it is critical for you to understand what an adult website is about. Many people consider adult websites as one where they can watch porn for free, for example, PornHub. Do you think the same?

Well, an adult website is much more than a tube site. Any website that contains adult content, such as adult stories, porn videos, porn photographs, blogs, or maybe some adult merchandise, will be counted as an adult website.

There are multiple ways you can make money with adult content digitally. The Internet has made it easy for porn creators to get lucrative platforms to showcase their talent and earn good money selling adult content.

How much money can an adult business make you earn?


It’s out of the question to tell precisely how much you can make from adult content. The increasing scope of the Internet has made adult content popular and in huge demand. Multiple ways to make money from adult content have given adult content creators a diver choice. Some of the ways to make money from adult content are as follows:

  • Affiliate programs
  • Display advertising
  • Sell adult products such as dildos
  • Premium content (OnlyFans)
  • Membership sites
  • Donations
  • File hosting

How you choose to make money in the adult industry decides many of your profits. Hence, it is crucial to do proper research, analyze various money-making methods in the adult market, get the pros and cons, and choose the right niche for your adult website.

If you’re an adult blogger, promoting adult merchandise like sex toys could benefit you. Adult Affiliate marketing websites can earn profits by promoting webcam websites and using affiliate networks like CrakRevenue. Display advertising can make you earn a lump sum amount if you get qualified traffic.

Personal bloggers also earn by sharing their own sexual experiences and fantasies. There could be numerous such ways that we have discussed later in the article to make money in the adult industry, but you must make a fruitful decision to become successful.

Adult entertainment industry: Huge Mainstream Market


You will get stunned to learn about the adult entertainment industry. It is much more mainstream than you would expect. Adult content includes art consisting of sexuality, sexual topics, nudity, sex toys, adult merchandise, tube sites, etc. You can find a massive set of data about adult content published online.

Every year, PornHub releases data about its visitor’s behaviour. Reportedly, PornHub has got approx 92 million viewers in a day as per their data of 2018. This data provides that they get more than 64000 visitors every minute. Isn’t it surprising to know? And the more stunning part is only for this website; the data for the entire adult industry will be much more.

There is always a myth that adult content consumers are primarily men, but you will be amazed to know the data from Jamaica that we gathered in 2016. It says that 46% of their viewership for adult content was women. Hence, we can understand how great the adult industry is and what potential this business has for newcomers.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that you can get a considerable market share and a broader audience if you are coming into the adult business. If you are excited to know how to make money selling adult content, here is all that you need to know.

1. Build an adult website


You can come up with an adult website to sell your adult content. The digital market is huge and can bring numerous opportunities to you. These days, search engines are flooded with multiple escort websites. The competition is high, but great SEO and adult marketing techniques could be your saviour.

You can create various types of adult websites. Generally, whenever we think of an adult website, we think of pornhub or similar tube sites. But an adult website is a broader view and has multiple aspects to cover. You can create erotic blog websites, an ecommerce adult website selling adult merchandise, a website that contains sexual or porn stories, etc. You can come up with an escort website offering dating services.

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You cannot avoid podcasts with dirty storytelling. All these types of websites can be monetized with effective marketing techniques and adult SEO and can make you earn huge revenue. Following is the list of various other types of adult websites that you can cater to earn money:

  • Reviewing adult products
  • Blog about sexual topics
  • Sell sex toys
  • Publish fictional erotica
  • Community to chat about sex
  • Toplist content curation (like BuzzFeed for adults!)
  • Adult memes and gifs
  • Dating/hookups

These are a few adult website types you can consider and monetize. You can brainstorm and develop unique ideas to create adult content for your adult website. Adult content consumers look for uniqueness and creativity. They are fond of the content that excites them and makes them feel sexually active.

Hence, you must target your skills and get the best out of the box to sell in the adult market. It will be your key to success in the vast adult entertainment industry.

2. Premium content


Free porn is always the favourite of adult content consumers. But it doesn’t mean they are not ready to buy premium adult content. For the adult audience, watching porn is a very discreet affair. Their private space needs to be fulfilling and attractive to them. Hence, they never hate to pay an extra sum to buy a premium account available all the time without any ads.

They look for adult content with HD quality that pleases their eyes and makes them feel satisfied. To make sure that people buy your premium adult content, you need to bring a difference in your free content. Make your free adult content full of ads and banners. It will distract the audience, and they will buy premium content to fulfil their interest.

You can create a difference in quality between your free adult content and paid content. Some major facilities that you can offer to your audience with paid adult content are as follows:

  • Download all available videos
  • 21,360 full DVDs
  • 134,710 HQ scenes
  • No Ads and Pop-Unders
  • Profile promotion – be popular!

3. Video ads – tube sites


Porn streaming sites are pretty popular and have a great audience watching adult content almost every hour of the day. You can place various ads between your content if you have one such tube site where porn videos are played regularly.

When ads pop up between the videos and when the video is paused, these ads make the viewers confused. Viewers generally think that the ads are for real and click on them.

These clicks can earn you a considerable sum. Therefore, having connections with ad networks can bring you massive revenue in the adult entertainment industry.

4. Affiliate ads


Porn sites know their targeted audience, and they gather this audience by promoting adult content effectively and efficiently. They know the demographics of their adult content consumers, which helps them develop good affiliate ad networks.

When you have these affiliate marketing ads near your video, the viewers get an opportunity to look at them. And that is what you need to get your bucks.

Adult programs on adult websites are pretty popular, and many web admins are already using them to monetize their adult websites. There are various types of affiliate programs available for adult content. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Per click program
  • Percentage program
  • Per order payout

Various portals, such as AWEmpire, are ruling over the Internet to provide affiliate programs to adult websites. Many more such portals offer affiliate programs to monetize your adult website, and it will be a massive loss if you overlook affiliate ads in the adult industry.

5. PPS programs


Per pay sale or PPS programs is another significant way to earn you a handsome amount in the adult industry. It is generally advertising and convincing people to buy products from your references.

It can include drugs, capsules, etc., to help people grow their private organs. The audience you have o your adult website is already fascinated by sex and hence, willing to buy items that can enhance their sex life and better their performance.

Therefore, you can connect with such suppliers selling adult stuff and feature it on your adult website. When a visitor buys from your reference, you will get a commission on it, and sometimes this commission goes upto 70-75%, which is massive.

6. Live webcams


Live webcams are ruling over the adult entertainment industry. It is one of the best ways to make money here. Adult cam sites allow viewers to connect directly with adult content creators. If you are an adult model, you can join a network of adult cam sites as a performer and sell your subscriptions.

It can make you money as your fans will buy subscriptions at any cost to make a direct conversation with you. You can increase your subscription sales by connecting with viewers through messages and comments. You should know about their requirements and interests, what kind of content they expect from you.

It will give you an idea to create unique and extraordinary adult content that fascinates your audience, and it will increase your viewership and add up to your revenue.

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7. Online dating


It is a well-known fact that not every guy has an ideal dating partner. They suffer from loneliness and end up being on a porn sites. Considering these issues of the aide, adult business people have come up with the concept of online adult dating or adult dating.

One of the most popular adult dating businesses is Adult Friend Finder which is available worldwide and allows lonely guys to connect with adult models and performers. You can begin with one such site and get adult models to communicate with your audience.

You can charge them on an hourly basis, and it can make you an incredible amount as adult dating programs are in huge demand.

8. Adult content downloads


Charge a handsome amount to download videos from your adult website. If you have a Porn site, you can provide adult photographs to your audience.

Adult photography can complement your adult business since you already have high-resolution equipment to record adult videos.

9. Online porn games


Adult porn/sex games are also becoming popular in today’s generation. These games are available for both free and paid versions. If you want to earn from online porn games, you can first provide a free trial to your audience.

Make sure this free trial convinces them to pay for the premium version of the game and play it. Come up with unique games with different adult stories and graphics to capture the audience’s attention.

Porn games are the best form of adult entertainment that people can choose. Hence, the increasing demand will meet your purpose of increasing your income through adult content.

The bottom line

The adult entertainment industry can bring you all that you have dreamt of. Choose the correct methodology and exceptional adult marketing techniques to monetize your business. High competition and risk might demotivate you sometimes, but consistency can be miraculous.



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