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Developing Adult Websites using WordPress

You must have read specific articles on WordPress. Undoubtedly, WordPress has been one of the favorites for businesses and individuals. WordPress websites are the most prosperous websites in terms of features and themes. These websites can be built with minimum use of HTML technicalities.

If you are also willing to build an adult WordPress website, you require certain knowledge about web design. And this article aims to ensure you complete the knowledge necessary to develop an adult website using WordPress. Let’s see how WordPress could be your saviour in the adult entertainment industry.

Is WordPress easy?

Is WordPress easy

There is no doubt that designing and developing an adult website on WordPress is easy. Do you know why? This is because of its effective content management system. An efficient content management system allows you to add, modify, delete, or update content on your website. Web developers often find it challenging to perform the coding. And this can be resolved using WordPress.

The primary question arises here: Can you build an adult website using WordPress?

Of course, an individual can quickly build an adult website using WordPress. Do you want to learn how to create an adult website using WordPress? Are you curious to know multiple features of WordPress that make it easier for you to develop an adult website? Get all the answers to your questions right here. This guide teaches you the fundamentals of using WordPress to create an adult website. Here is a brief note on how you can develop an adult website using WordPress.

Domain name registration and adult-friendly web hosting

Domain Registration and adult hosting

The first thing you need to do is choose an effective and impressive domain name that describes your business niche. Adult web admins must understand the importance of a domain name as it plays a significant role in the adult SEO practices that impacts the overall success of your adult entertainment business.

It would help if you chose an easy-to-pronounce and short domain name that your audience can remember. Some adult web hosting providers can bring you an opportunity to get a domain name for free. At the same time, many web hosting providers offer discounts and deals on domain names. For this, you need to choose an adult-friendly hosting provider.

It would help if you considered whether all the hosting providers are adult-friendly or you need to search one for your adult website. Not all web hosting providers are adult-friendly, and therefore, you need to search for one that promotes adult or porn content and allows an 18+ audience to enter your website. If you have not chosen an adult-friendly web hosting provider, you might watch your website getting blocked or irrelevant after some time.

Hence, domain name registration and hunting for an adult-friendly web hosting provider are your foremost steps to developing an adult website on WordPress.

Be attentive to adult hosting providers.

Adult hosting providers

You must look for an ideal adult web hosting provider that assures you reliability, scalability, security, and customer service 24/7. Web hosting providers often promise to deliver quality initially but later get blindfolded by your site’s requirements. They demand you to buy packages and plans to ensure a decent bandwidth on your website.

Hence, it is required to be cautious about the contracts you’re signing with the hosting providers. Avoid getting trapped in any hidden charges. This is a crucial step that needs to be done carefully. Otherwise, it might bring a big-time loss to your online adult business. An ideal web hosting provider can get you multiple services like :

  • Web Server service
  • Email Server service
  • Internet Server service
  • Database Server service

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WordPress installation

WordPress installation

To get indulged in developing your adult website using WordPress, the next thing you’re supposed to do is install WordPress. It is effortless to install WordPress. You’re entitled to follow the below-mentioned steps to install WordPress:

Step 1 – download WordPress

It can be downloaded in a zip file using

Step 2 – Upload WordPress

Now that you’ve downloaded WordPress upload it to your Web hosting service provider. This can be done in two ways :

  • Via FTP or
  • Through cPanel

cPanel stands for control panel, a Linux-based panel including a graphical interface and automation tools. It smoothens the process of hosting a website with all the intents and purposes.

Whereas FTP stands for File transfer protocol, it’s a standard network protocol that facilitates the transfer of files from clients to server and server to clients as commanded to do.

It is advised to use cPanel to upload your WordPress file to web hosting as it is equipped with the required information and settings that ease your process. It brings a database wizard and ensures you relevant data needed to develop an adult website.

Once you upload, unzip the WordPress file and ensure that you transfer all the contained files from the WordPress folder to the root folder. It is a significant step that requires concentration and patience.

Adult Websites using WordPress

Whenever someone heard about databases, he generally considered it technical stuff. A database is nothing but a mechanism that allows you to store and manage data effectively. Database configuration is a simple process that need not be complicated. If you are using cPanel, most of it comes with an embedded feature of the database wizard.

This feature enables you to create a database and use it to configure it to suit your adult website’s suitability. You can provide access to your database to your teammates or may share certain crucial privileges that enhance their performance.

It would be best to remember the username and password to your database, or you can write it on a notepad as human memory cannot be trusted. If you lose your database, you will lose your entire adult website.

Step 4 – Establish a connection between the database and WordPress

Once you have completed the previous step, you will see a pop-up on your screen indicating to install WordPress. If this pop-up is not visible on your screen right after you complete step 3, there might be something wrong with your procedure.

You are also required to connect name services to your website at times. Aren’t you aware of the name service? It is nothing but a computer device that is connected to the Internet all the time and translates domain names into ip addresses.

Once the WordPress installation notification pop-ups to your screen, make sure you upload the correct database credentials. In case of any discrepancy, you may lose the entire connection between the database and WordPress.

Step 5 – website setup

If you have completed the above step of connecting the database with WordPress, WordPress will provide you a prompt to enter the website. Apart from this, you are supposed to get admin information to enter the website. Once you have net retd correct credentials, you can access your website. Login and make the required changes you want to see on your adult website.

You have successfully installed WordPress and created a site by following the above steps. Now you can manage the configuration of your adult website by updating themes, graphics, content, etc. Regular updates will give you better results and bring more traffic to your adult website.

WordPress configuration

WordPress configuration
  • Comments – adult web admins can enable or disable comments by making specific changes to sim settings.
  • Homepage setup – you can either have a static homepage or create a dynamic homepage with blogs and infographics. Decide one and keep making the timely updates by changing the settings – reading.
  • Automatic URL structure – Go to Settings- > Permalinks. You can create an automatic link structure for blogs and Web pages here.
  • Just another WordPress site – this is again a significant feature of WordPress website that enabled this sentence “just another WordPress site” on various web pages and boh posts of your website. To ensure a practical impact on your audience, it is needed to remove this. You can do this by following Go to Settings- > General.
  • Choose a theme that plays a significant role in deciding your adult website’s overall outlook and design. WordPress has various inbuilt themes that are iterative and creative. You must choose one such theme that matches your adult business model and makes your website look unique and captivating. It should capture the audience’s attention and convert them to your regular customers. This can be done with Appearance -> Themes. WordPress also promotes third-party themes. Hence, choose a theme as per your convenience, choice, and suitability of your adult website.
  • Plugins – Plugins are easy to install on WordPress. These are third-party softwares that allows you to access various other features and functions to enhance the performance and quality of your adult website. You can install plugins as per your requirement on your adult WordPress website. There are many plugins like plagiarism check, seo plugins, etc., that help you enhance the covenant quality of your adult website. There are some premium plugins, while you have options of free plugins as well.

Once you have completed the WordPress configuration, Congratulations! You have successfully developed your adult website. Now you can monetize and make your business lucrative by performing marketing and promotional techniques. Adult content is needed to promote your adult website.

Enhancement of WordPress adult website

Website Enhancement

An ideal adult website is not the one that has suitable count sand bogs. But, it is the one that attracts an audience and brings enormous traffic. It should be impressive with premium content, video, picture, infographics, posters, etc. All the features enhance your adult website.

Are you curious to learn about various enhancement methods of adult websites using WordPress? If not, then consider the below-mentioned points:

Adult WordPress themes

You can use adult site skins to enhance the quality of your adult website. WordPress has various adult themes that you can use easily. These themes come in multiple colors and layouts, giving a completely new look and enhancing the overall appearance of your adult website. These layouts can bring profits to your adult business, and you can add videos to it using html snippets. There are widgets and apps for ads and banners in these themes and designs that help you monetize your adult website.

Roboscipts WordPress themes

When building an adult camming affiliate WordPress theme, there is nothing more beneficial than the Roboscipts. It is a theme that allows you to import data from leading adult sites like BongaCams, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, Streamate, etc.

These scripts allow you to turn on the autopilot mode on your WordPress adult website, which helps you to promote ads. Multiple ad sections are encouraged by this theme that leverages your adult website and gets you monetary benefits.

Let’s see some powerful plugins that can help you go a long way in online adult business using WordPress:

  • Plugz – It is built by the plugz community of WordPress that aims to organize and display the ads on your WordPress dashboard. You can make effective use of the plugz widget to add it to each and every part of your adult content.
  • Plugrush – another WordPress plugin, plugrush, allows you to choose and modify the types of ads you want to display on your adult website.
  • iFriends – it is a popular adult cam site containing various WordPress plugins. On this site, you can find plugins that promote adult cam sites and show the status of models who are in love at the moment.
  • PornMe – this plugin allows adult models to sell porn clips on websites. Hence, you can install this plugin to your adult website and sell adult content efficiently.
  • WP script: If you are looking for a plugin that can grab video embed codes from a wide range of adult tube sites, you can count on the WP script plugin. It is one of the widely chosen plugins by adult webmasters.

You must ensure the utilization of the aforementioned list of themes and plugins of WordPress, and it can bring you a huge advantage. They might seem complicated initially but can assure you great results in the long run.

Hub traffic API indicator

Are you aware of any such plugin that helps you upload numerous videos from popular porn sites with affiliate links? If not, then the Hub Traffic API indicator is the answer. Now you can upload bulk porn videos to your website with affiliate links attached to each. It can make you massive money in the adult affiliate marketing industry. Hence, adult webmasters aiming to do adult affiliate marketing must not miss this quality plugin.

Video grabber

If you have built an adult tube site using WordPress, this plugin can help you import various videos from popular porn sites to your adult tube site. It does not import videos but gets you a relevant name for the video and a genuine description.

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Get ready to start your adult website now!

Start your adult website now

Adult website business is underrated but has massive income plans for you. Hence, if you want to step into this lucrative adult entertainment business, WordPress could be the right place to begin. Developing an adult website brings you numerous features, themes, plugins, etc. You can refer to this guide to make your job easy and effective. I wish you luck!



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