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How To Start A Profitable Adult Website?

Making money online has become quite popular. These days, numerous options are available that can help you earn revenue online. You may start with a blog, open an online marketplace, create videos and become a vlogger, or develop an adult website business.

Carrying an adult website business is one of the most lucrative and profitable ideas from all these possibilities. Porn is a favourite pastime for many people globally. It has diverse viewership, due to which you never find a lack of attention on your porn website. In 2015, the adult entertainment industry was nearly valued at $97 billion, and this figure has been increasing continuously and rapidly.

The most crucial point you must note is that people spend approximately $3000 every second on porn. These values cannot be ignored but attract many people to join the adult industry. Being a money making business, the adult entertainment industry attracts many people to join and start their online adult websites. Due to this, the competition is very high, and so are the earning opportunities.

So in such high competition, it is essential to develop a unique adult website and monetize it effectively to earn regular income. To start an adult website, there are numerous things that you need to consider and learn. Are you curious about how to create an adult website and make it profitable? If yes, follow this guide religiously and make a good adult website easily.

You need to follow below-mentioned steps in order to start a helpful escort website:

  1. Determine the type of your adult website
  2. Know your niche
  3. Get domain name and adult hosting
  4. Get an effective content management system
  5. Set up your website
  6. Monetization

Let’s understand each step in-depth to establish a strong foundation for an adult website.

Step 1- Determine the type of your adult website

Types of adult websites

Before you make a website, the foremost thing you need to do is determine the type of website you are going to start. It is the basic foundation that will direct your adult website in the right direction.

There are numerous types of adult websites that you must consider before choosing one for yourself. Once you have decided on your website’s style, it would be easy to structure your website and determine the target audience to proceed with effective marketing strategies and promotions.

Some major profitable adult website types are as follows:

Adult tube site

Tube websites are the most common yet popular types of adult websites running on the online market. These websites are similar to Youtube and give a platform for porn viewers to watch porn videos on their demand. It is a quick-relief for horny visitors who are craving to watch porn. Hence, it gives you a vast audience base that can earn you money in multiple ways.

There are numerous ways to monetize an adult tube site, and various tools are also available to create one such adult tube site to start your own adult business. Though there is massive competition in tube sites, you might find it challenging to make your site commercial, but once it’s monetized, there is no way to look back. It can make you earn a lot of revenue and open the gates of excellence if you offer quality content to your viewers.

Adult cam model site

Adult cam model sites are another primary website type of adult business that is profitable and in huge demand these days. A cam model site is where viewers get a chance to interact with the adult content creators or adult models directly on a live video.

Adult models perform through live streaming on cam sites and interact with the audience directly without any hindrance. This provides a platform for adult males to create a loyal fan following and increase traffic on your cam site.

You can earn from both the subscribers and the performers if you own an adult camming website.

Membership websites

Like the Netflix model of a website, you can create an adult membership website where viewers need to take the membership or pay a periodic fee to access the adult content available on your website. To get an audience or members on your website, you need to justify the amount you are charging the audience to become a member of your adult membership website. You need to come with high-quality, unique content that can satisfy the needs and desires of your viewers. It can prove to be a fantastic venture in the online adult business.

Before you opt for any of the above-mentioned website types, you should know that there is no best type of adult website. All the website types have their pros and cons. And each of them will require an equal amount of effort and dedication to monetize. But when you choose the adult website type, it will allow you to structure your website effectively and know your target audience. Hence, make a decision that suits your skills and will enable you to earn extra income from an online adult business.

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Step 2 – Choose a specific niche

Choose a specific niche

Before you know about a specific niche, it is essential for you to understand the fundamental difference between a niche site and a general site. Here it goes:

Niche site vs. General adult site

A niche site is one that works on a specific topic, whereas a general site is where you can create multiple types of content. A niche site offers you a category to work on, and a general site will give you a broader audience to attract. But a general desire will make it difficult for you to promote your website. It will cost you a considerable sum to get minimum progress or revenue.

Hence, a niche site is always better to go ahead with while developing an adult website. It will be easier for you to perform SEO on a niche site as search engines look for relevant content with specific keywords for its audience.

An adult niche site can be challenging for you as creating content on a particular category every time is not easy, but it will allow you to stick to your target audience. The marketing and SEO process for niche sites are also more straightforward as compared to a general adult site.

Moreover, a niche site allows you to search for relevant keywords and build a website with an effective domain name. Hence, you must come up with an adult niche website to ensure easy monetization of your online adult business. Some major niches that you can think of are as follows:

  • School girl ahegao
  • Professor-student adultery
  • Asian dominatrix
  • Cosplay orgies

Step 3 – Get a domain name and reliable adult hosting

Domain Name and Adult Hosting

An ideal domain name is simple to pronounce, easy to remember, and relevant to the content of your website. Domain name plays a crucial role in the success of your adult website. Hence, be creative while selecting a domain name for your adult website. Keep it unique and suitable as per your website’s niche.

The domain name for your website should be such that it provides a clear idea to your audience about the content of your website. If you’ve decided on a niche for your adult website, then targeted keywords can be a part of your domain name. Once you have a perfect name for your adult website, you can easily promote it on search engines using effective seo techniques and other marketing strategies.

Another major step is to look for reliable adult hosting. Adult content is targeted at 18+ audiences. And for this, you need an adult host. General hosts often have strict rules for adult content, and many times, it does not allow such content to be published on their servers. Hence, you should look for an adult shooting flexible with your content type and make it easy for you to promote adult content without any hassles. It will act as an investment that will give practical and profitable returns in the future of your online adult business.

Step 4 – Get an effective content management system

Adult Content Management System

The right content management system is essential to running an adult website effectively and efficiently. By far, WordPress is the popular choice for adult website creators. But it would help if you used as it is a free version that only comes with the software. At the same time, a content management system comes with hoisting too that might not support adult content.

A .com domain never allows adult content. Hence, could be your perfect choice. You can also make use of ready-made clones. They are easy to customize and come with multiple features and attributes. Hence, you can utilize it to create a filterable adult website.

Step 5 – Step up your adult website

Step up your adult website

As mentioned earlier, WordPress could be an effective tool to create an adult site. But it does not have all the features and tools you might need to structure your adult website. And that is when plugins come into the picture. You can use the WordPress template as it will make your job easy and fast.

The PHP script is also a great choice to structure your adult website as it comes with unique features and utilized tools to enhance the overall performance of your website. It has numerous built-in features that will fasten up your process and make it effortless for you to work on your adult website.

Whatever tool you choose to set up your website, do not compromise with the structure of an adult website. It is a significant step that needs to be done with perfection and dedication. It will help develop a unique and user-friendly website if you are looking for various tools, features, themes, templates, plugins, etc.

An ideal adult website structure has an easy-to-use interface, fast loading speed, excellent graphics and media usage, and top-notch unique content. Therefore, keep all the aspects in mind when setting up your porn website.

Step 6 – Monetize

Monetize adult websites

The final but the most crucial step is to monetize your adult website. If you have an adult website, but it’s not making you any revenue, all your efforts would look like a waste. Therefore, you must choose the best methods to monetize your website. Here are practical ways that can help you monetize your adult website:


Ads are the most straightforward methods to roll up massive revenue for your adult website. But these days, connecting with ad networks is complicated as numerous terms and conditions are available for adult websites. However, it is challenging but cannot be avoided at all. Some major ad networks you can connect with to get ads on your adult website are as follows:


As mentioned earlier, membership models of websites can make you earn huge revenue. If you are sure about the content of your website, then this could be a profitable model which will never let you down. The best way to monetize your website with membership is to combine it with ads.

For example, put ads between your adult content and then ask the viewers to buy premium membership models to avoid these ads while watching your adult content. Adult content viewers generally do not like any hassles when watching porn and it is a discreet affair, and they need complete privacy and quality content. Hence, they might not think twice to pay an extra amount to buy premium memberships of your adult website to skip ads.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs can be another significant source of revenue from an adult website. You will get a fixed commission whenever a viewer clicks on the ad and subscribes to the advertiser’s account. This revenue method has better conversion rates as compared to ads. Some ads network that offers effective affiliate programs are as follows:

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Like affiliate programs, CPA is another profitable method to monetize your adult website. It provides you with different ways to earn money, such as free sign-ups, button clicks, video walkthroughs, etc. Some ads network that provides CPA programs are as follows:

  • AWEmpire
  • Evoleads
  • CrakRevenue
  • Adsterra
  • Globalfastads

Revenue Share (RevShare)

Revenue share is one of the most sustainable monetization methods for adult densities. Under this method, you have a contract with an ad network. Whenever someone clicks on an ad from your adult site and buys something from the advertiser’s account, you get a commission from it. And there is no end to it as whenever a buyer purchases from the advertiser, say a month later or even after a year, you will get some percentage from the amount he spent on the advertiser’s account.

This method is used by many adult website owners and makes them earn a considerable amount. Some ads network that offers revenue share programs are mentioned below:

  • Chaturbate
  • CrakRevenue
  • AWEmpire
  • JuicyAds

Selling adult merchandise

The adult merchandise business is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s era. These days, people are investing a lot of money to buy adult merchandise such as sex toys, lingerie, latex costumes, etc. Hence, you can sell these adult goods on your adult website and earn a profit from them.

It requires certain investments and cost structure, but the review is also considerable. Hence, if you have an audience willing to buy quality adult merchandise, this source should not be avoided by you while monetizing your adult website.

Get a share of the profits from escorts.

If you’re running an escort agency or have an escort directory website, you can ask for a profit share from escorts listed on your website. Escort business is very lavish and can make you earn substantive profits. Escort services are provided at compelling prices, and clients are ready to pay any amount for premium and elite services. Therefore, if your escort website has listed VIP escorts, it could be a fantastic profit stream.

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Final thoughts

The adult business is ever-growing and can make you earn huge profits. It might be a risky stream to invest your money, but the results and opportunities are worth all the risk. Now that you have got enough knowledge to start your adult website, it’s time for you to work on it.

Strategize your adult business and start with the process professionally and with enough dedication. It might be challenging initially, but soon you will get desirable results. Build an adult website that suits the requirements of adult viewership and stands with the market requirements.

Do not forget to study the audience’s demand before you work on your adult website. Good luck!



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